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2016-17 in Review: Did Goaltending Cost the Kings a Playoff Spot?

Taking a look at the five goalies who suited up for the Kings this season.

Player evaluation: Shore

NICK SHORE This season: 70 games, 6 goals, 11 assists, 17 points, 20 penalty minutes, -2 rating, -1.1 CF%Rel, 12:47 time on ice The good: When asked prior to the 2015-16 season whether Nick Shore would be able to fill the team's third line center position, Darryl Sutter referenced that he wasn't looking for a …

2016-17 in Review: Brodzinski, Kempe, and LaDue Give Us a Taste of the Future

They didn't play long enough to get their own articles, but they showed some positive signs.

Odds and ends: Weber, Schmalz, Manch, Rychel

"THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS ABOUT PETE WEBER. HE COULD PULL SOME REALLY GOOD TRICKS." So said Bob Miller of his late 1970's broadcast partner who will call his first Stanley Cup Final, beginning Monday.

Why I’m a Fan of the Kings: No Ice, No Gear, No Problem

"Within hours we had duct-taped rulers to broom poles and were hacking a tennis ball around on skateboards."

Why I’m a Fan of the Kings: Spite Watching Gone Wrong

"It turns out that when you watch something ironically for long enough, sometimes you end up liking it."

Why I’m a Fan of the Kings: Diving Back In, Headfirst

"Naturally I was drawn to the Kings as my team, but they were completely awful by the time I was old enough to understand what was happening."

Why I’m a Fan of the Kings: Are You a Gretzky Baby Too?

"He explained that Gretzky was like Babe Ruth, except he was still playing and still that good."

Player evaluation: Clifford

KYLE CLIFFORD This season: 73 games, 6 goals, 6 assists, 12 points, 92 penalty minutes, -2 rating, +2.1 CF%Rel, 10:43 time on ice The good: The lede, more or less to a word, of what was written about Kyle Clifford last year applies here. The standard the 485-game veteran sets is not measured in goals …

2016-17 in Review: Who We Will Miss, Won’t Miss, and Might Miss

Starting our season reviews with six players who are gone... or might soon be.


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